Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beaching It

One of my favorite things about living in Michigan is all the water. My favorite place in the whole world, is sitting at the beach, listening to the waves with my feet in the sand. On Father's Day, we went out to Mona Lake to see family. It was FINALLY warm enough for swimming! Lois has this awesome raft thing that seats, I think, 8 people. It's pretty awesome. Just floating on the lake with my eyes closed is my idea of heaven...

Yesterday, Rick took Joshua up to his Pentwater store so they could spend the day together. Logan and I went out to Duck Lake State Park with my friend Kait and her daughter Andi. We were down there for.... I would guess almost 4 hours. Even after re-applying sunblock twice, I still got burnt! On my shoulders, part of my back, right around my swimsuit top, a little on my stomach, and the front of my thighs!!! Sleeping last night was really uncomfortable. I think I might have sweated the sunblock off because it was so hot out... I'm on a quest for some better sunscreen today on my way into Muskegon - something with an SPF of 1,000,000, maybe :)

We're off to Muskegon in a bit today. Back to Mona Lake. I'll be sitting in the shade, LOL!!

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