Friday, February 27, 2009

Less than awesome news..

Joshua was supposed to scan today. This morning, when Rick and I were trying to get ready to take him in, we both realized that we have the flu. Joshua had thrown up Wednesday night, and Thursday during the day. He wasn't acting himself, but we weren't sure if it was nerves or the flu. Apparently it was the flu. And now we have it. And Logan isn't feeling well today either. Ugh.

There was no way we could take him in this morning - not with both of us being sick. My nerves are already shot - add the flu on top of that - and a two hour scan. No way.

So, I called and canceled his MRI. We went back to bed. My mom says Logan has had diarrhea all night long. Oh, and we're moving this weekend, too.

I called radiology this morning to reschedule, convinced we were going to have to wait until April. Miraculously, there was an opening on Tuesday, March 3rd!!! And it's not an awful time, 11:15am.

That's where we are now. I'll update again soon. I'm having some issues of my own, which are incredibly stressful. My pap results came back with some pre-cancerous, high grade changes, so I need to have some follow-up testing done. My OB/GYN is waiting for the rest of the test results to come through before they decide what our next step will be. So, please pray for me. As you can imagine, I'm pretty close to terrified at the words "pre-cancerous". I have a sense of peace about it right now, which I know is a God thing. I'm still scared, but I have faith that God will handle it all so I don't have to worry about it. I sure hope I'm ok, though.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vacation Recap!!!

Ok, here goes! I'm a lot less tired tonight and have been uploading photos to Facebook, MySpace and MMC, LOL :)

We left early on Saturday morning - actually got out the door on time! It was SUPER warm in Michigan that day and we had awesome weather the whole trip down south. The stupid GPS had us go all the way to Atlanta, GA instead of straight to Birmingham, AL where we were SUPPOSED to spend Saturday night. That was 2 hours out of our way! We ended up getting a GREAT deal on a hotel room in Cartersville, GA, which is a little north of Atlanta. It had an indoor pool, so the boys were able to swim.


Sunday morning we headed out after breakfast. We took a detour over to Ft. Benning, which is in Columbus, GA. Rick did Basic Training there and he wanted to show us all the things he's told us about. It was actually really cool, even though Rick was really disappointed at how laid back it was now. We actually saw soldiers on their cell phones on base which was unheard of when Rick was in there.

Joshua was complaing that his ear hurt all day long on Sunday. We gave him some Tylenol and he seemed to perk up, but by Tuesday he had a full blown ear infection and we had to have our doctor send a script down to Florida for him - thank God she had seen Logan just the week before for the same thing, so it was no big deal.

We got to my sister's house about 8:00pm Sunday night. Spent the night catching up and getting ready to enjoy Florida!!

Monday morning we took a bike ride to the park in Largo. There were a TON of turtles in a pond there and the boys were super impressed, lol. Bethany and I did some super shopping too - she works at Bealls Outlet, so I got some really good deals!

Tuesday was spent in St. Petersburg. We walked around the downtown, grabbed pizza for lunch, filled Joshua's script and then headed down to the pier. There's an aquarium at the end of the pier, so we went there. It was small, but REALLY cute. Joshua was able to feed the pelicans - we got video - it was HILARIOUS!!!!!

On Wednesday, Rick and I had my nephew Solomon for the day while his parents were at work. We took the boys to Indian Rocks Beach, which is JUST down the road from my sister's house. It's on the Gulf of Mexico and is SOOO pretty! Rick and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day early, so we got a hotel room at a hotel RIGHT on the Gulf. We were able to bring the boys up there for lunch and then let Solomon nap while Joshua and Logan played in the sand with Rick. Oh, Rick got SO sunburned, lol. It was kind of funny - this happens to him EVERY summer, lol.

Wednesday night we dropped our kids off with Bethany and Big Josh and we took a roadtrip up north of Clearwater, FL to Honeymoon Island. We parked on the causeway and went "treasure hunting" along the shore. When we got back to Indian Rocks Beach, we ate at Crabby Bills, across the street from our hotel. Oh WOW - the food was AMAZING!!! Then we found an ice cream stand for dessert and then went back to the hotel. We left the window and the balcony door open so we slept to the sound of the ocean - it was so cool!!

After we checked out on Thursday, Rick and I went beachcombing again at low tide. We found a HUGE jellyfish on the sandbar. It was bigger then this one that we found later that day at Fort Desoto.


Fort Desoto was a little chilly and foggy, but still really cool. We spent the day at the beach, looking for sand dollars and collecting shells. Rick was able to swim in the ocean for the very first time - it was cold, but he did it!! Joshua even lost his second tooth during lunch at the beach - Aunt Bethany was REALLY excited to be there for that. The kids played in the sand, and then we went to check out the fort. We also walked the pier which was pretty neat. We saw some HUGE crabs in the water next. The pictures didn't turn out though. Here is a good shot of the boys on the pier:


We also got a good family photo at Desoto!!


We were supposed to leave and head home on Friday, but Rick REALLY wanted to take the boys to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, so we stayed an extra day. It was worth it! The day was perfect - sun and warm (like 85 degrees!!) - it was awesome. Here are a few pictures!







We got out the door on time on Saturday to head home. We made it out of Largo, over the I-275 bridge that crosses the Tampa Bay and we had JUST gotten into Tampa when Rick said "Uh oh, something is wrong with the truck." We pulled over and sure enough, this is what we saw:


A Tampa "Road Ranger" came up behind us and let us use his floor jack. We got the truck jacked up, and the tire off. My brother-in-law came to rescue us and pick up Rick (after about an hour or so) and they found a tire shop to get a new valve stem. We got the tire back on and were on our way. It ended up being a 3 hour delay, though. We had to drive ALL NIGHT LONG to get home at a decent time on Sunday. We won't do that again... It was so much better to break the drive up and get a hotel room for a night on the way down.

Logan and my nephew, Solomon, are SO close in age that they fought a ton! Over toys, over wrestling, over Solomon "scaring" Logan by pretending to be a monster - everything!!! That got old after a while!!

It was a really great trip! I think we're going to make it an annual thing. It was SO nice to spend time with my sister!!! But, I am glad to be home!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are home.

We made it to Florida and home again safely - praise God for that. I'm exhausted and don't have the energy to recap everything, but just WAIT until I get the pictures on my laptop!! Maybe this week.

I will update again, when I'm not so tired :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two More Sleeps!!!

We leave for Florida on Saturday morning!!! Heading out early to get a head start. We're taking 2 days to get down there, so we should be getting to my sister's house Sunday night. We are staying through Friday and then we'll take another 2 days to get home. I need to dig the suitcases out of the shed and get everyone packed up.

We also have someone else coming through to look at our place. Tomorrow afternoon. Like the NIGHT before we leave, lol. As if things aren't crazy enough! But, no complaints. We're very anxious to move and we've FINALLY found a great house in Whitehall, so hopefully it won't sell before ours does!!! Another guy called on our place today too - he's coming down from Clare after we get home from vacation. He sounds REALLY promising.

I'll keep you all posted. We'll be uploading photos from our trip to Facebook, so keep an eye out for them while we're gone :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sickies Be GONE!

First Joshua had a cough - it lasted about a week. He had a little congestion with it, but not too bad.

Then Logan started coughing. And his nose was running like a faucet. This was on Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, he was significantly worse. I stayed home from work with him on Friday after he didn't get any sleep (nor did we) on Thursday night. He spent all day on the couch on Friday, not moving. After a dose of Motrin, the fever he woke up with jumped all the way up to 103.1 degrees! After a call into the doc's office, I started alternating between Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours. While his fever didn't jump that high anymore, it also hasn't gone away yet. And it's now Monday...

All is can say is thank God Rick was home this weekend. There would have no way I could have handled everything without the extra pair of hands! Especially since Logan is exponentially more difficult when he's not feeling well. We thought he was doing better last night, but after yet another rough night, and Logan waking up again not feeling well, I decided to stay home with him again today. It's not worth sharing the germs with the babysitter's family.

Oh, and we're supposed to go on vacation next week. I have so much work to do to get caught up/ahead that missing 2 days in a row isn't going to help that very much... But, I'll just work late for the rest of the week until I get everything caught up.

Prayers that Rick and I will stay healthy for vacation and that we will have safe travels as we head to Florida on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to seeing my sister and her family - as well as sitting my butt on the Gulf of Mexico and not moving for a week!!!