Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unexpected evening...

Well.... Rick and I were supposed to go on a date tonight. I was REALLY looking forward to it. I've been practically BEGGING him to take me out for weeks now. I honestly don't remember the last time we went on a date and that's ridiculous. I understand that it's not always easy when you have kids, but it's still SUPER important to make it a priority. Anyhow, it hasn't happened, for one reason or another.....

Rick asked a friend yesterday to babysit for us today, and his friend said sure - just call him today and remind him. So, Rick was trying to get ahold of him all evening. The guy's cell phone was going straight to voicemail. Awesome. Good thing we didn't have "important plans" (like our relationship, lol). I was mildly irritated to say the least, mostly because I was SO looking forward to going out tonight. We were even going to leave late, after the kids were already in bed, so all he would have had to do was hang out here and watch tv or hang out in the hot tub.... Whatever. It wasn't meant to be, I guess.

So, my night of going out with my husband ended up being centered around my kids, which isn't a big deal, but is it too much to ask to get to be Amanda every once in a while, instead of Mom? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids to death, and we actually had a lot of fun tonight! It just was not the kind of fun I needed, ya know? But, for whatever reason, my kids needed us to be home tonight more than we needed to go out, I suppose. 

We ended up watching Frosty the Snowman, eating popcorn and playing a cut-throat game of Sorry while drinking hot cocoa. It was really great - Rick ended up beating me at Sorry even though I sat with my last guy one space away from home for like 25 turns in a row... Now the kids are in bed, Rick's downstairs playing video games, and I'm just wasting time on the internet... Not exactly what I had in mind for tonight. 

Oh well... that's what happens when you have kids, I guess. Everything else is put on hold until they grow up and move out of the house - or are at least old enough to stay home by themselves  :)

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