Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter some more!

So, I realize that I JUST posted about the weather yesterday, but this was too ironic to pass up! It has been snowing like crazy all day long (go figure...). We actually ended up closing work early tonight because of the weather! 

I left work at about 6:30pm tonight. My 25 minute commute took a nerve-wracking almost 55 minutes! I make it into town safely, get the littlest one from daycare and pick up the pizza waiting for me at Pizza Hut since the biggest one and I had both not eaten dinner yet. I'm driving down my road and I'm thinking to myself "man... this road is terrible!". I attempt to pull into my driveway and I get stuck at the end. Tires spinning, back end hanging out into the road - there was so. much. snow. that I could not make it through. 

So, I call my husband - who has been working non-stop since the bad weather hit - and I tell him what happened. Lucky for me, he was in between calls and could swap out trucks at work and bring home a plow truck with a chain to yank me out and then plow the driveway really quickly so I could get into the garage... 

We've lived here almost 4 years and this is the first time I've gotten stuck in my own driveway. We've been keeping it plowed, too! It's just that with the amount of snow we've been getting and the fact that it's been snowing nonstop all day long, we can't even keep up!!!

I love my husband a little bit more tonight, and I'm hoping he makes it home at some point before the weekend! The kids and I are betting on a snow day tomorrow... that will be nice for them - I still have to go into work at some point. The winter storm warning doesn't expire until noon tomorrow, so I hope I don't get stuck again trying to get OUT of my driveway in the morning!!!!!

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