Friday, November 28, 2008

So Tired!

Well.... I made a HUGE dent in my Christmas shopping today! Got Logan completely done (birthday included), Joshua only needs pajamas, and Rick is done except for his stocking! And I was REALLY lazy this year and hadn't really even started shopping before today...

I have a few more people to buy for still (mom, Bob, MIL, FIL, my "sorta nieces" Tabby and Lexxi, my grandpa, my exchange, and the kids' exchanges), but the important guys in my life are just about taken care of :)

Last night I was able to get most of my decorations out, too, which was nice. I have NO idea where we'll fit the Christmas tree (we're gonna have to rearrange the living room again...), but most of the other stuff is out!

And then I unsuccessfully tried to take a nap - that didn't happen, so I'm in a less than happy mood right now. Gotta get a good night's sleep tonight :)

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