Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joshua and his new school...

Monday was Joshua's first day of school. Rick brought him in and stayed with him until he was comfortable - that only took 40 minutes!! When I got Josh off the bus, I asked him how school was and he said it went GREAT! Talk about a huge relief! I was so nervous that this was going to be a difficult transition for him, but it appears that he's taking it all in stride (for now, at least!).

It sounds like he's making friends, although he can't remember their names yet (lol), and they've been practicing some songs for an Earth Day concert that they are doing next week so he's been singing those all over the house. Super cute!

Oh, and since he's one of the last kids dropped off the bus after school, it's a long afternoon, and yesterday he decided to take a little nap on the ride home, lol. I actually had to go onto the bus and wake the poor kiddo up!! That was pretty funny.

He rode the bus in for the first time this morning - I'm sure that went much better because he's one of the last kids picked up before they head to the school. Much shorter than the afternoon ride, lol.

So, for now, things look like they're going well in his world!! I'm very happy with his teacher too. She's really good about sending emails and calling us at night to fill us in on how the day went. I really appreciate that. I just wish Shoreline had Spanish class for the elementary kids! I'm going to have to "homeschool" him in Spanish so he doesn't lose what he's learned so far!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking in on Levi today - guess I was having a small pity party! SOOOOO glad your move has gone well and Joshua has made new friends! (not that I knew he wouldn't!!) Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! A move is something we are considering, soon... Super scared of it!

Love to you all!

Melina and Levi and fam