Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life in the Here and Now...

The spring sickies have hit our house full force. It started with my missing a day of work about a week and a half ago because I was unable to lift my head off the pillow. Then at the tail end of last week, I noticed my sore throat was coming back, and Logan was stuffy and starting to cough. By Saturday, me, Logan and Rick were all competing over couch space. Sunday was even worse. I slept until 11:30am - that is unheard of. Finally late Sunday I started to feel better - less like I'd been hit by a semi-truck. I think it was the flu.

Rick and Logan are still sick - Rick got the worst of it this time around (and he RARELY gets sick, so that takes some getting used to...). He actually blacked out on Friday night and cut his eye when he fell into the corner of the wall. Yesterday the three boys stayed home while I went to work. I hear it was 2pm before Rick was able to get out of bed! Luckily, Joshua is SO GOOD at helping when we are sick. He pretty much took care of Logan for most of the day yesterday.

I just hope Joshua lucks out and never gets this. He was coughing when he woke up this morning, though... He starts at his new school on Monday, and it would be a bummer if he ended up sick.

Rick is still home today. He thought he was going to go into work, but I told him that was probably not the best place to be. He's got Logan with him again (he didn't want to cooperate this morning when it was time to go to the sitter's house, and it just wasn't worth the battle), so hopefully they will both take it easy. I can't wait for everyone to feel better so I can change ALL the sheets on ALL the beds and spray everything down with Lysol, especially since we have company coming this weekend for Easter.

I'm tired though - it's a lot of work to take care of a sick family, especially since I'm not 100% yet. Getting better, but certainly not "there" yet. Is it too much to hope that this will be IT for us for a good long while???

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Gail said...

YUCK! I hope you guys are all happy and healthy soon. I can't imagine being that sick with 2 little kids to take care of. Then again, I can't imagine taking care of kids regardless if they're sick or not, so...anyways, feel better soon! ;)