Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Super Yum!!!

I skipped lunch and dinner today. It got a little crazy - the kids were invited to ride in a fire truck for the Fire Prevention parade, so they had Goldfish soup and toast, and I ran around trying to locate hats and stuff because it was chilly and rainy. Afterwards, Rick's cousin and his family came over and we hung out and let the kids play until they were tired out. At about 10pm I realized I was STARVING!! Luckily, Kraft foods had an email in my inbox and it contained a recipe for Loaded Baked Potato Soup. I had to modify it a bit because I didn't have everything on hand, but it was ready in less than half an hour (even though I cooked it on the stove and it boiled over...)!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm a big soup person, and I just might eat the whole pot myself tonight!!! I added a can of Cream of Chicken soup because I read that it was kind of thin without it. I skipped the green onions, bacon, and sour cream because I was lazy and hungry, lol, so it's more of a cheesy potato soup, but it's totally to die for!!! Here's the link:


Super Yum!! I'm a fan!


Carielle said...

I've made loaded baked potato salad before but not the soup...I'm going to have to give it a try, it sounds yummy!

Susan said...

Thanks for the recipe! I think I may try this one soon! Dave does all of the cooking, but I want to start to prepare some meals, too! I think the whole family will love this one!

Carielle said...

Hey, check out my blog when you get some time...there's something there for you :)