Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hopefully soon I'll be able to update the pics on my blog!!! One of my co-workers took some photos of us yesterday in the gorgeous Michigan fall woods  :) I swear that while the leaves have been at peak color for the last week or so, they all started falling off the trees YESTERDAY, so it made for some fun pictures.

Although you should see my front yard. It's literally COVERED in oak leaves and there are still so many on the tree it's not even worth raking yet! But, they're crunchy and it smells like fall, so I'm not complaining. Yet.

We haven't been able to do family photos in 2 years (although my photo friend Susan so kindly offered to take some of us this summer, it was right around surgery time and I wasn't ready for the world to see the scar in photos that will last forever...) so we had a good time. Even Rick played along (which was huge for him).

I saw a couple shots today and they were great. They were so "us", which is what I was hoping for.

Stay tuned - I hope to be able to post them soon!!!

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