Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long time, no blog!!

Yeah... once again I haven't blogged in forever...

Here are some updates from the world of Holman!

Due to cutbacks at work, I was dropped back to part time. Not too thrilled about that, but I do get to spend more time at home with the boys, which is really good for them. Plus, now I have no excuses when it comes to keeping the house clean!! So, my new schedule means I'm down to 4 days a week and 3 day weekends have become standard. No complaints about that part of it - especially once summer gets here and I can take the boys camping or up north to the cabin.

I get to go to kindergarten round-up for Logan this week! He has been waiting for kindergarten ever since he turned 5. I keep trying to tell him that he has to finish preschool first, but he doesn't really seem to understand that kindergarten doesn't always immediately follow your 5th birthday. I love his logic! I wish things in my head were that uncomplicated!

Joshua is very quickly becoming a budding artist. He's been spending a whole lot of time drawing lately. Mostly Pokemon, but that's just what he's in to right now. He spent a lot of time drawing a picture about the computer game "Plants Versus Zombies", which was very impressive. I think he needs a sketch book of his own so he stops using all my post-it notes!!!

We're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. I've been doing some research for our vegetable garden in my downtime (I seem to have more of that lately!!). Things like composting and garden plans have been occupying my mind. I'm craving farmer's market fresh fruits and vegetables and I miss seeing birds! I think seeing the sunshine lately has been a contributing factor. Too bad that it's only 20 degrees outside (even when the sun is out!). Most of our 3 feet of snow melted last week but then on Sunday night/Monday morning we got another foot dumped on us. It was SO NICE to see grass for a couple of days, though.

Rick has been busy with computer work all of a sudden, even though he was getting burned out on it just a couple of months ago. He had put some distance between himself and the computer work until all of a sudden people started coming out of the woodwork to have repairs done. Interestingly enough, this was right before we found out that my hours were being cut in half, so apparently God was preparing us without us even realizing it. No complaints, though... it's been helping to supplement the loss of half my income. Funny how things work....

I need a hobby. Any suggestions? Especially since I don't have to go into work until 3:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The kids are in school and I have most of the day to myself (that's REALLY weird... I've spent so much time being a working mom I don't remember what free time feels like!!)! We're down to one vehicle right now, so Rick's been scheduling service calls when I'm home, but that means I'm kind of stuck in the house. I need something better than mindless tv and cleaning house to occupy my time! Another reason I'm ready for spring, I think...

Plus, I need something interesting to blog about  :)

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