Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Fun Scan Day...

Tomorrow is a big day! Time for Joshua's annual oncology appointment. This time we get the added bonus of an audiogram because Rick and I are concerned about his hearing... We get to see all the folks we love in the Hem Onc department, including our doctor hero, Dr. Dickens and favorite nurse, Mary, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's one of my favorite days out of the year...

Josh is going to school for the morning and then I'll pick him up at lunch. My brother, Kevin, is going to come hang out at the hospital in between appointments, so that will be nice.

Audiogram at 1pm, oncology appointment at 2:30pm and the big ole MRI of the brain at 5pm.

Deep breaths. It's all going to be great. No worries - God is in control (which is great because I would probably make a mess of things if I were in charge...).

Amazingly enough, I made it all the way until TODAY before having my first mini panic attack about the upcoming scan. That's progress, folks - I'm normally a train wreck the entire WEEK leading up to a scan. Ask anyone who has to be around me during "that time of year"...

Yay for Josh who will not require sedation for the scan! They'll start an IV for the contrast and he gets to chill out with a pair of video goggles for the duration. Last year I sat in on the scan because he was awake - this year, I'll be in the waiting room with Logan (who gets dragged this year because he doesn't have school and I wasn't able to find someplace more fun for him to go...).

I talked to Joshua about it tonight - he seems just fine. One thing I'm thankful for is that this has been such a constant thing in his life, he's not worried about it. He's not afraid that the scan will show cancer, he's not afraid that the blood work will be off - nothing like that. He's not happy he has to get an IV, but he's excited for the video goggles.

I wish I handled it like he does. It's definitely something to admire in my 8 1/2 year old cancer warrior!

Blind faith. What a blessing.

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