Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I Don't Buy Cookies...

I'm pretty picky about the groceries I buy for my family. Part of the reason is because I want them to eat nutrious, well-rounded meals. The other reason is because I honestly have no will power.

Exhibit A: I had a rough weekend. Nothing bad happened, it just felt very stressful, for some reason. Maybe I was thinking about our financial situation since I just got my first check with my reduced hours. Maybe it was "that time of month" and my hormones were getting the better of me. Whatever the reason, I was feeling stressed. How did I cope?

Oreo cookies. Like pretty much the entire package....... And here I am, trying to tone up for summer and re-discover my hidden abdominal muscles, and I eat a whole bag of cookies. Damn.

Exhibit B: Yesterday I came home from work and I had a nagging headache. I was really tired and just feeling junky. I open the cupboard to find a hidden bag of Milano Double Chocolate Cookies. If you follow me on Facebook, you know where this is going... So, I started eating them and before I knew it, half the bag was gone! I'm sure it didn't help that I was laying on the couch. And instead of grabbing a couple and putting the bag back, I brought the whole thing with me so I wouldn't have to get up (lol). Plus, the tv was on, and I ALWAYS eat too much when I'm watching tv.

I got home late from work tonight, found the bag, and ate the rest. Now I have a tummy ache, but at least there are no more cookies in the house! They're all going to be attached to my butt and thighs tomorrow.....

There you have it. Why Amanda does not buy cookies (or junk food in general). I will definitely be "enjoying" a green smoothie for breakfast tomorrow and making better food choices to make up for the last couple of days.

Ugh, my stomach hurts...

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