Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guess it's about time to blog again...

Well... seeing as how EVERYONE else is making an effort to restart up their blogging machines, I might as well jump on the bandwagon  :)

Although they all seem to have WAY more interesting stuff to post than I do!!

We're about 48 hours into 2013... our New Years Eve was a quiet one. We had "big" plans of going to a NYE party at family's house, but alas, the Holmans would only be a party of three.... There's some super strange virus making the rounds at my house, and apparently at 6pm on NYE, it was my turn. Not awesome. And super inconvenient! I was all dressed up and ready to go until the nausea hit. Fast forward a few hours (during which my three boys went off to party hearty - although they were back by midnight to be with me (aww)!) and after a little bit of a nap, the worst of it was over. Well... there was a ton of residual yuck, but the most acute symptoms had run their course. Of course, New Year's Day, I still wasn't feeling 100% - and Rick was knocked flat on his back with it.... That entire day consisted of watching football (UofM was in the Outback Bowl) and movies.

Even today I still feel a little "off", and my biggest one ended up in Urgent Care earlier, but I'm cautiously optimistic that the worst is behind us and the nasty little bugger has moved on to bigger and better things! 

Not how I would have chosen to ring in 2013, but as always, I'm thankful for each and every single day  :)

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Donna West said...

Sorry to hear that you guys weren't feeling that great for New Year's. Hope it has definitely moved on by now.