Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Faves!

Here are a few of my favorite things about fall:

-Pumpkin anything!
-Football games
-Mums - I currently have some rusty orange colored ones on my front steps
-Hay Rides
-Apple Cider
-Apple Crisp
-Apple EVERYTHING   :)
-Fall scented candles - Hobby Lobby has an orange pumpkin spice one that is my fave
-Walking in the woods by our house and looking at the pretty colors
-The Grossenbacher Family Chili Cook-off (I actually took first place last year!!!)
-Yummy soups on chilly days (as I type, I'm enjoying a bowl of Southwest Potato from Campbells)
-Hoodies and jeans
-Tall boots over skinny jeans with sweaters
-ALL the festivals that we have in the White Lake area - especially the Pumpkin Roll down the hill in Montague
-Hocus Pocus - the movie with Bette Midler - I LOVE IT (in fact, I watched it last night!)
-Snuggling around a campfire because it's JUST chilly enough that you want to be close
-Watching my kids jump in piles of leaves
-Driving down the highway and seeing a different site everyday as the trees change 
-Clearance sales on plants! I just bought 2 rhododendrons for the front yard for $10 apiece - saved $40!
-Going outside and being able to see your breath - and pretending I'm a dragon with my kids  :)
-Chai lattes - sweet and spicy at the same time 
-Warm Vanilla Sugar line from Bath and Body Works - I swear it makes me feel warmer after I use it!

I'm sure I could list a million more, but right now, my family is waiting for me to come join them for a movie. That's probably what I love most of all, regardless of the season!

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