Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

He is risen - He is risen indeed!!

What an amazing Easter we were blessed with!!! It's always a good Easter when you can actually WEAR the new Easter clothes and cute sandals that you bought for church without worrying about freezing half to death!!! It was so warm here in West Michigan! I may have even gotten some sun on my arms sitting outside today!

Our morning started with Easter baskets at  home - after getting ready for church, of course! Church was great... lots of singing and celebrating! Of course it ran late - which is fine - but it kind of started us off schedule for all the running around from family to family that we had going on today. 

After church we went to Rick's family's house on Mona Lake - this was the first year without an Easter Egg Hunt for the cousins - Josh and Logan are the only ones who aren't teenagers - but there was still good food, coloring eggs and the gifts of over-sized, gigantic beach towels to get ready for summer! Oh - and I might have even gotten an updated family photo today!! I'm waiting for the pics to be sent to me, but I'm cautiously optimistic!!

Then we left Rick at his family's and the boys and I headed into Coopersville. Rick was on call this afternoon for work and C'ville was a little too far away to be... We spent some time with my mom - sitting out in her backyard while the boys played with some of their Easter gifts. We weren't able to stay as long as I would have liked, but it was a nice visit.

The next stop was to my dad's house. He has started doing an Easter Egg Hunt for the boys every year and he had been looking forward to them coming out. Grandpa Greg and Uncle Kevin made it a geocaching egg hunt with 24 very well hidden eggs and coordinates to the next one in each egg. There is some tweaking to be done to the method, but I have a feeling this will be the new way of hiding eggs... Uncle Michael and Aunt Katelynn were there as well and we had a cookout. 

My forearms and the tops of my feet saw more sun then they have in MONTHS, so I might have actually gotten some color! It was beautiful weather - sunny and in the 70's - so practically perfect!! God blessed us with a beautiful day to celebrate the gift of the resurrection!!!

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