Sunday, August 3, 2014

CoLoR rUn!!!!!

Such a fun day today! Did my first Color Run ever! I love downtown Grand Rapids, and this was the first 5K that I've ever done down there and it was a riot! My friend, Cheryl, and I signed up together - along with a few of my co-workers. 

Here are some pics:

This is pre-race... nice and clean for now!

Cheryl and I relaxing before heading to the Start chute.


About midway through the race!

Our Office Assistant, Kristen, and me - my co-workers are cooler than your co-workers!!


Jumping for joy!!

Good times were had by all. Thank the good Lord for make-up remover wipes to get the color off my face, and I think I'm going to need to wash my hair at least three more times before I'll get all the blue out.... Right now I'm rocking some bluish/green patches that make it look like I was swimming in a chlorinated pool for too long! The bottom of my foot is still blue and I have a green patch in my armpit, but it was a ridiculously good time. My shirt is hanging outside in the sun... I sprayed it with vinegar in hopes of keeping it colorful - we'll see what happens!

I can't wait to do this with my kiddos next year! It will be so fun to spin and twirl through the color stations with them!

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