Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Luminaria - Thinking Out Loud...

I needed to have this up online someplace so it is accessable from both home and work so I can add to is as I need to. This is my running tally of people that we need to remember for the RFL Luminaria Ceremony. If you know of anyone I know but I've forgotten, leave me a comment. Also, if you know someone else, and you want them on the list, it'll cost you $10.00, but you can donate with your credit/debit card right online at Team Joshua's Relay for Life website. Leave a comment and I'll send you the link.

Ok, here goes:

Honor of Joshua Holman
Memory of Catie Wilkins
Memory of Jim Disney
Memory of Dakota Gay
Honor of Khloee Faler
Honor of Bonny Schneider
Honor of Sandi VanDyke
Memory of Milt Wachter
Memory of Lawrence Peters
Honor of Mark Clark
Memory of Gary Blough
Honor of Levi Mayo
Memory of Leon Chulski
Memory of Gertie Jones
Memory of Mira Brouwer
Honor of Liz Brumfiel
Memory of Neil Pollock
Memory of Elias Pallitta
Memory of Sebastian Kocinski
Honor of Ethan McGraw
Honor of Marty Mulder
Memory of Edith Zerfas
Memory of Sara Trezise
Honor of Kay Mulder
Memory of Sidney Tornga
Memory of Vera Doornbos
Memory of Reynold Doornbos
Honor of Erika Driesenga
Honor of Sue Doornbos
Honor of John Jacobitz
Honor of Susan McIntyre
Honor of Robert Syrek
Memory of Katherine Syrek
Memory of Bob MaHaffey

I'll edit to update as I think of or remember more names.

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