Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yay for Family!

My beautiful sister and her family arrived safely last night for a visit to Michigan!!! They were slightly shocked at the cold temperatures, being Florida Folk, but we're managing! When I found my sister and my nephew at the airport, Solomon (who hasn't seen me in a year) ran up to Aunt Manda and gave me a big 'ole hug and snuggle!! It was so very heartwarming!!

We had a nice drive home - even getting stuck in traffic due to an accident - and then went out for dinner. Bethany and I talk just about every day, but it's much nicer having her home for a bit!!!

Today Aunt Bethany and Big Josh are babysitting Joshua and Logan for us - they have lot's of fun plans made in Grand Haven! Tomorrow, I get to spend the day with my Solomonkey because Bethany and Big Josh are heading down south for Papa Fest.

On Tuesday, we plan to go to Michigan's Adventure if the weather holds. And then they leave on Wednesday and Joshua and I have to go see Dr. Dickens at the Hem Onc Clinic.

Yup. It's that time of year again... Joy... Literally my LEAST favorite time of the year. Joshua goes in for Labs and a pre-MRI physical on Wednesday, and then his MRI is scheduled for June 30th. I'm not expeciting anything to be wrong with the scan, but that doesn't stop me from worrying like crazy... the same as I always do, even though MRI's have been part of our life since September, 2003.

But, Joshua hit 4 years post-diagnosis in April and in December, we'll hit 4 years post-treatment. Getting closer and closer to that magic 5 year mark. Now, if only we can manage to keep any secondary cancer from developing, we'll be good to go. Boooooo for leukemia, yaaaaaay for "cured".

Yeah - I have cancer on the brain again. We need to have a RFL carwash. We have a whole $65.00 raised which is ridiculous. But, it's my own fault - since our scan is so late (it's supposed to be late May/early June) and I can't quite get past that to focus on the Relay. And then after scan we have only like 10 days until the Relay itself, so it's not looking to be a good year for Team Joshua.

But, any donation is better than no donation. And we will still be at the Relay - doing our part for the whole 24 hours. I just wish we had been able to raise more money. Oh well... not really anything much I can do about it today. Maybe those days between scan and Relay will be HUGE money-makers for us. Probably not, but who knows. You never know what might happen. Anyways - enough with that. There's no point in stressing myself out at work. There will be plenty of time for that later!!!!!

Thanks for reading - we might have a photographer willing to do a free photo shoot with our family thanks to:

This is so awesome to me, you don't even know. I am floored that such an organization exists, and I wish I would have known about it during treatment, but I didn't - and really, what better way to celebrate healing then to do it now that we've (well, Joshua, really) made it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'll keep you posted on that.

Anyhow, off for now. I'll post again soon. I have a million pictures I need to get uploaded to photobucket so I can show off the boys. I'm on vacation from work next week, hopefully I'll get to it then.

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