Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Whirlwind!!!

Whew - what a weekend we had! I LOVE not having to work Thursdays and Fridays - it almost feels like the weekend lasts forever. Friday I met some friends and their kids at North Beach Park. We had a really nice time until it started to rain a bit. The kids played in the sand, went swimming, played on the play structure, and then our friend, Sydney, came home with us for a while to play with Joshua and Logan. The kids played right up until bedtime and they were pretty tuckered out by then!!

Saturday the boys and I went to Whitehall with Rick. Joshua was able to help Grandma buy a new car and Logan got to hang out with Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Michael. And he was SO well behaved!! It amazes me how good my boys can be when they're seperated, and how much they push each other's (and our) buttons when they're together!! Saturday night, Rick worked in Pentwater and didn't get home until 5:10am.

Sunday, I got up with the boys so Rick could sleep. We let him sleep in until 10:00am and the boys just couldn't wait anymore! After "cooking" a breakfast of raisin toast and orange juice, they bombarded him in bed with their cards and gifts. This year, daddy got floor mats for the new truck, carwash and a special cleaner for the interior of the vehicles (if you know Rick AT ALL you will know that he literally washes his vehicles every other day-ish during the summer). After that, we had to rush to get out the door to go out to Muskegon for a Father's Day picnic at Terry and Lois' house. Lot's of sun, swimming, hot dog roasting and s'mores. Joshua and I are both a touch sunburned (his arms, my chest), which is surprising to me because we were literally coated in sunscreen, but that's how it goes in the summer, I suppose. Tonight my FIL is coming over after he gets out of work and we're going to celebrate Dad's Day with him.

Whew... we had a great weekend! This week is supposed to be cooler (high 60's/low 70's), and my AC will appreciate the break! Lot's of sun, though, which is always welcome!! And, we're hoping to take the boys camping this weekend, so we might be in for 2 great weekends in a row!!

My sister and her family fly in tomorrow - I cannot WAIT to pick them up from the airport tomorrow!!! It's been far too long since I saw them. Bethany and I talk on the phone all the time, but it just isn't the same!!! The boys and I are taking Solomon for the day on Thursday and we're REALLY excited about that!

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