Monday, February 2, 2009

Sickies Be GONE!

First Joshua had a cough - it lasted about a week. He had a little congestion with it, but not too bad.

Then Logan started coughing. And his nose was running like a faucet. This was on Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, he was significantly worse. I stayed home from work with him on Friday after he didn't get any sleep (nor did we) on Thursday night. He spent all day on the couch on Friday, not moving. After a dose of Motrin, the fever he woke up with jumped all the way up to 103.1 degrees! After a call into the doc's office, I started alternating between Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours. While his fever didn't jump that high anymore, it also hasn't gone away yet. And it's now Monday...

All is can say is thank God Rick was home this weekend. There would have no way I could have handled everything without the extra pair of hands! Especially since Logan is exponentially more difficult when he's not feeling well. We thought he was doing better last night, but after yet another rough night, and Logan waking up again not feeling well, I decided to stay home with him again today. It's not worth sharing the germs with the babysitter's family.

Oh, and we're supposed to go on vacation next week. I have so much work to do to get caught up/ahead that missing 2 days in a row isn't going to help that very much... But, I'll just work late for the rest of the week until I get everything caught up.

Prayers that Rick and I will stay healthy for vacation and that we will have safe travels as we head to Florida on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to seeing my sister and her family - as well as sitting my butt on the Gulf of Mexico and not moving for a week!!!

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Jessica Veeneman said...

Sorry to hear about your little ones...unfortunately it seems impossible to stay healthy this time of year. I hope you all get better and have a great vacation! Enjoy the warm weather!