Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's been awhile...

See, this is what happens when you take vacation. You get so busy "relaxing" (YEAH RIGHT) that you lose track of everything else. I haven't been on the computer at all lately, and when I finally logged into gmail - yup, like 370 unread messages! I finally got through it all last night, but boy was that a feat in itself.

What's new with us..... hmm..... let's think about that.

My sister was up for a week - that was so nice. My nephew is my new best friend and I miss him like crazy now that he's gone back home to Florida. We took a day and went to Michigan's Adventure - we had ideal weather for that! Sunny, warm, not too hot or humid - it was pretty close to perfect. My kids LOVED it there, even though I hated paying $25 for Joshua to get in (how can they NOT have a kid's price??? It's outrageous!!!)!!!!!!!!!!! They were little fish in the water park and had an absolute blast. As did we adults - nothing like a little sibling bonding while going down waterslides!!!!

Joshua met with his oncologist last week - labs looked good. Dr. Dicken's is pleased with how well Joshua is doing. It was a good visit even though clinic was waaaaaaay backed up and although we had a 2:30pm appointment, I bet it was between 3:30pm and 3:45pm before we were seen. That's how it goes with cancer kids, though... you never know what's going to happen hour to hour. In this case, someone had a problem that had to be figured out, and that was us, more than once, during treatment, so we understand.

Friday we took the boys to Duck Lake again. Weather was less than perfect this time around but it was still a good time. Kids LOVED the water. The sun came out for a bit, just long enough for me to re-apply sunscreen in time for it to go back behind the rainy looking clouds again, lol. Once the rain finally came in, we had to book it back to the truck, but it was a nice couple of hours.

Rick and I spent loads of quality time together this weekend! My MIL took the boys for us so we could have a date Saturday night (walk in Pentwater, dinner in Whitehall - I had the best whitefish EVER) and then we went out to celebrate Cousin Mike's wife Meredith's birthday. We stayed for a bit and then went home. Rick ran the Seaway 5K on Saturday morning so he was pretty tired. Sunday we went up to Silver Lake and I FINALLY got to go into the sand dunes. Rick's been there a few times already this summer and I haven't been able to go until now. It was CHILLY but a lot of fun. I love it up there.

Went to DeVos for an MRI yesterday - Joshua did "well" considering his track record of IV's and Propofol. No results yet - nurse Mary is on vacay this week so someone else is going to watch for the scan results in the computer. I'm so used to Mary calling me the same day that it's hard for me to wait like everyone else usually has to.....

Happy Anniversary to Rick and I today. We've been together 8 years now, 6 of them married. We aren't celebrating today though. I am back to work after being gone for almost 2 weeks, and Rick has a funeral visitation to go to for a friend's dad (I'm so sorry, Wally - you and your family are in our prayers). We are exchanging cards tonight and eventually we'll go out to celebrate and do gifts and such. Better late than never, I suppose!!!

Oh, my van is broken, sigh. So, I'm driving Rick's car, and he's driving the 10 mpg truck. Thank God LZ Motorsports pays for Rick's gas, lol... I can handle filling the Neon, but no thanks to the Dodge Ram!!! On a positive note, my van is on the schedule at the shop for Wednesday, so if we can get it up there, it will be done quickly. It's something new though, that Rick's never heard/felt ever before - I'm a little scared about what it could be... He's pretty smart when it comes to cars, and I'm nervous that he has no idea what's wrong with the van...................

Anyhow, there's an update. I'll be back on track, posting regularly, now that I'm back in the swing of real life, LOL. No more vacation for a while!!!

Oh, Relay for Life is next week. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider donating to our team in honor of a cancer warrior that you know. There's a link to Team Joshua's page on my "places I like to go" section on the right.

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