Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I hate when I lose stuff...

Boy was I hoping to not have to write about this. I had my fingers and toes crossed that it would magically re-appear and everything would be a-ok. No such luck, I guess...

Sigh. I lost my wedding ring last week Thursday. Of course, it was like THE BUSIEST DAY of the week for us. So un-helpful. I took it off to knead bread (bread! I know!), put it in my pocket, and when I went to get it later that night it was gone. From the time I took it off until the time I realized it was gone, the following things happened:

Put kids in van
Picked up friends, put her daughter in one of Logan's carseats
Drove to friend's parents house to drop off her daughter
Moved Logan from one carseat to the other
Drove out to Spectrum Downtown
Parked in the road
Walked in the A level, took the elevators up to the 1st floor
Went to the lab, waited in the waiting room
Walked back through the hospital to the elevators down to the A level
Back out to the van
Drove to church
Cleaned the toys in the Toddler nursery room
Took friend on a tour of the ENTIRE church (minus basement, but still a lot of places!)
Back out to van
Dropped friend off at her parent's house
Went home, re-kneaded bread
Put kids back in van
Went to Tractor Supply Company to pick up a birthday gift
Went to Family Dollar for birthday card
Drove to birthday party
Parked in the road
Walked through the grass into party

Right about here is where I realized it wasn't in my pocket. I thought maybe I put it back on and took it back off to re-knead the bread. But, I tore the house up looking for it and it wasn't there. That leaves about 50 million places where it could have fallen out. I called the hospital, church, TSC and Family Dollar. No one has it. So, I guess it fell out somewhere like a parking lot or the road. Just my luck.

It's not my original ring - it was a Christmas upgrade from Rick, but I LOVED that ring. He picked it out for me and it was perfect. And now it's gone. That's really disappointing. I was hoping it would magically turn up, but I think it may be gone for good. I'm going to post some "Lost" posters, but I'm not holding my breath.

Maybe I'll be getting a new upgrade for Christmas this year, LOL. We'll see. I'm wearing my original ring now so at least something's on my finger (it feels so weird when there's not a ring on it!!!!), but I would really love to find the other one. It's not "worth" anything - I'm sure it's scratched up, it's not a huge expensive diamond - but it has a whole lot of sentimental value to me because Rick decided I needed a bigger ring than what I had (we were young and poor when we got married!!).

Trust me, I'll surely post if it turns up, but I'm thinking it's gone for good................ Oh, and I RARELY lose stuff, so that makes this a little bit harder, I think.

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Michal Ann said...

I am reading Angie's blog tonight and peeked at yours...I once lost my wedding ring. I threw myself down on my bed, so upset with myself that I couldn't even pray. My young kids came in and prayed as I wailed "NOTHING good can come from this! NOTHING!"
In my mind, all things were NOT going to work together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose...Romans 8:28.
An incredible series of events, meetings and relationships came from the loss of the ring. It was returned to me with many priceless, painful lessons. Too much to write about but if you ever have time to call, you can reach me here in Lake Forest Park, WA.

In Jesus' love, Michal Ann
(Michal is a Hebrew woman's name.

(425) 488-1224 cell
(206) 362-1434 hse