Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trying to be a runner!!

When my mom had her birthday this past March, I thought it would be fun for us to do a 5K race to celebrate. My mom struggles with both Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, but she really does an awesome job keeping it managed (as best as possible). So, we trained, and it was a Walk/Run, so we walked probably 85% of it. My time at the Irish Jig was 44 minutes-ish.

My town had our Summerfest this weekend. They did a 5K with it, so I talked Rick and two of our friends (who are brother and sister and do a lot of 5Ks) into doing it with me. I've been "training" for a while now (this consists of my trying to run but usually giving up because I just don't LOVE running the way I'd like to. I'm trying to learn to love it, but it's hard, lol!!).

So, the 5K was this morning. Earlier in the week I hurt one of my toes REALLY badly and it took about 3 days for the swelling to go down enough for me to wear closed-toed shoes again. I ran on Sunday (before the injury) and then not again until Thursday... I took Friday off as a rest day, but Rick and I ended up going hiking, LOL, and walking all over the town of Pentwater.

It was really chilly when we got there but I should have worn shorts because I was ROASTING by the time the race was over. Moisture-wicking running pants my eye - I was drenched!! I had actually signed up for the 5K 'walk' because my mom was going to do it also until she realized she had other plans. Everyone else in my group was registered for the run.

We picked up our packets, got the timing chips on, headed to the start line, and took off. Rob (our friend) was a man on a mission and started off at a 6 minute mile pace, lol. Needless to say, Rick ended up coming back to "help support me" (yeah right, but it was sweet) and he stayed by Cheryl and I. The only way I can run right now is to alternate between running and walking by the songs on my IPod. So, I ran two songs, walked one, ran one, walked one, ran one, walked one, ran up the BIG FREAKING HILL, walked for a really short while to recover, and ran the last 400 meters in. Rick was a doll and let me cross the finish line first, LOL. My time was 35:11!!! I shaved almost 10 minutes off my March time, which was cool. And I ran a whole lot more this time around...

The bad thing..... they ended up "placing me" in the 5K Run category instead of the 5K Walk category.... I must have come in too early... I got last place in my age division, but oh well!! I finished and that was cool.

Oh, and Rob - he placed Second in their (his and Rick's) age group. His time was 20:47. His last time was 22:something when he and Rick did a 5K in Muskegon earlier this summer. We were proud by association :)

So, I'm not sore or anything (yet). My breathing is a little off (exercised induced asthma.....) but not too bad. I'm hoping it's better by tomorrow. I might sign up for another 5K in the Fall but I'm not sure yet. This one was done with the slightly ulterior motive of promoting the Relay for Life in our area by wearing my Team Captain's shirt.... We'll see if it makes any difference.

Regardless, it was nice to be able to enjoy something like that with the hubby. His Army past makes him a whole lot more disciplined than me and I think it was a little frustrating to him that I was walking "so much". But, I'm telling ya - he just didn't get my whole "plan", lol. And besides - he doesn't train with me so I didn't expect him to be hovering around me during the race!!! But, we did have a good time doing it together once we got into the swing of things :)

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Mandy said...

Congrats Amanda! Sounds like you had fun no matter what!!!