Friday, August 15, 2008

A Quick Update...

Happy Friday night, everyone! I'm sitting here listening to some beautiful acoustic music on Sirius Satellite's Coffee House station and it got me in a blogging mood... Now, if only I had a mocha or a latte, I'd be set!! But, it's a little too late for caffeine to be surging through my bloodstream.

Rick is gone for the weekend - working up in Pentwater. That means a mellow and laid back sort of weekend for the boys and I! I like those every once in a while. It seems like so often I get caught up in the endless cycle of "busy-ness" that it's nice to just sit back and take a breather.

This morning I dragged my kidlets to a MASSIVE garage sale at one of the local churches. The sale started at 9:00am and I kid you not - there was a line outside the door at 8:30am!! With Joshua going through growth spurt after growth spurt, I'm all about saving some money, so I was glad I went. I got him LOTS of stuff. Last weekend I caught a good load at another local garage sale, so he's in pretty good shape. I was mostly looking for soccer stuff - athletic shorts, warm-up pants, sweatshirts and sleeveless t-shirts. Unfortunately, the fall soccer season tends to encompass the whole gambit of fall weather - from 90 degree Indian Summer to swirling snow all around... All he needs now (for school included) is jeans and a couple of pairs of shoes. Oh, and I just got an email from Payless today and they are having a BOGO sale going on - so it looks like that's where I'll be getting his shoes! Gotta love a great deal!!

After lunch Logan took a really long nap. Poor kid is fighting something off (as am I...) and he's been sleeping a ton. My early riser has taken to sleeping until 9:00am lately!! It was nice to spend a whole lot of one-on-one with Joshua while Logan was sleeping, but it ended up being a Catch 22 - here it is, 10:10pm, and he's sitting next to me eating popcorn and playing with Legos... We had to pick my brother up this afternoon, grabbed pizza and breadsticks on the way home for dinner and then after baths/showers, we had an easygoing movie night. I popped some popcorn, we flipped a coin to decide which movie to watch (they each checked one out from the library yesterday), and the boys ended up sprawled out all over the living room floor watching 4 Curious George episodes (they were short - all 4 took only an hour) and then off to my bedroom they went.

When Daddy has to work up North and is gone for the whole weekend, the trade-off is that they get to sleep in my bed. It's nice for all 3 of us. Good thing it's King sized, though!!

So, I'm about to go do some dishes and pick up the house a bit, and I think I'll be heading to bed early, too. Whatever Logan and I are fighting off really tires you out!! We have NO plans tomorrow - we'll probably just hang out here for the most part - and then we have a Family Picnic on Sunday after church. I'll be making the potato salad for that tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!! God bless :)

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