Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something to Look Forward to!

On Thursday night, my friend Jenny and I are heading down to Jack's at the Holiday Inn in Spring Lake to relax. My uncle and dad (Two Dudes In FlipFlops) will be down there playing on the deck outside. I'm really looking for the chance to chill out and unwind.

Last week Sunday, Rick and I went to listen to them at Captain Jack's in Muskegon and it was SO nice. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can sit out on the deck in the sunshine and soak it all in!! I love listening to the kind of music they play (lots of Buffett, a little Kenny Chesney, with reggae undertones), so it's going to be so good!! The "musically talented" gene passed my by, but I still love music. I'll still get up and do karaoke even though I should be banned from the stage :)

At least this way, I can sing along and no one looks at me crazy because they're all doing it too (and he's my DAD, so how could I not "be supportive" and sing along, do "Fins" and all that jazz!!)!!

Have a good Tuesday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check in on our "Daily Doings"!


Coach G said...

You know, you can ALWAYS come up and sing with us whenever you want!

~ Jeff

Amanda: said...

HAHAHA - trust me - you DO NOT want me up there singing, LOL!!!