Friday, October 3, 2008

MORE Super Awesome News!!!!!!!

I got yet ANOTHER call from the DeVos Children's Hospital yesterday. The calls that used to send so much dread now send something completely opposite....

It was a guy named Dwayne, and he was calling to ask if we would be willing to bring Joshua to a really special event coming up. Grand Valley State University is having their annual "Dance Marathon" to raise money for the DeVos Childrens Hospital. They do it every year - it's a 24 hour event. They would like Joshua to be a special guest there!!!!!!!!!! They want (from what I understand) to "show" these college students what they are raising money for. How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone from the event should be calling me shortly with the rest of the details, but the event is on November 7th. I did a little searching (thank you, Google!!!) and found a page that tells a little about it. Here's the link:

You will probably have to copy and paste it because I'm not very good at that stuff yet, but it's totally worth a quick peek!!! I'll update again when I have more details, but until then, I'm ABSOLUTELY doing a "Happy Dance" at how God CONTINUES to use what he chose us to go through to impact the lives of other people!!!!!

Woohoo!!!! Have a beautiful weekend!!!

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