Friday, October 10, 2008

Widow for the Weekend!!

Thanks to Oktoberfest going on up in Pentwater this weekend, the boys and I are "Daddy Free", lol. We are planning to go with Gramma Lola and maybe Gramma Sunshine to the Pumpkin Roll tomorrow in Montague. We've never been able to go before, but I hear it's super fun. Apparently you buy a pumpkin and then you roll it down a big hill in a race. I'm sure my boys will love the chance to destroy something with permission!!

I'd like to get some apples picked if my mom is up for it, but we'll see. I actually get the night off from being "Mommy" tomorrow!!! Due to some VERY EARLY SUNDAY MORNING plans, the boys are going for a sleepover at my mom's house. I have big plans of cleaning, doing laundry and going to bed at like 9:00pm while they're gone, since Rick isn't supposed to be home until Sunday.

Sunday morning we're going to be heading into Grand Haven to clean out my Great-Grandma's place. She lives with my Grandma now, so it's time to get that last little bit taken care of. So, hopefully Rick won't be too grumpy Sunday morning from working Saturday night because we're supposed to be in Grand Haven around 7:00am!! I think he'll stay in Whitehall and just meet me in GH. I can catch a ride out there with someone else, and then just ride home with him. He doesn't have to drive the extra half hour after working all night, I get the bed (and house) to myself - it works out for everyone!!

My helper is going to take over my Sunday School class (it's her week to teach, so it works out), so I'm able to help out my family. Then, nothing to do Sunday afternoon but watch football and hope my fantasy team does better than last week (which was terrible!).

The weather is supposed to be phenominal both Saturday and Sunday, so we'll for sure be taking advantage of that! Those beautiful weekends will soon be a distant memory as winter heads toward Michigan...

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