Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So nice

It was so nice to have Rick home this morning. I had forgotten how helpful it is to have another pair of hands when everyone is trying to get out the door! Between getting Josh ready for school, Logan ready for the sitter's house and myself ready for work, the mornings just weren't working when he had to go in early to plow! We hadn't yet figured out the "routine" that we needed to be in for things to go smoothly. I tell ya, I was actually able to cook myself some breakfast this morning because I had so much extra time when everything was said and done!

Hurray for a break in the snow! I know Rick appreciated not having to leave so early this morning too! Our car goes into the shop today for an in depth look-over. We want to make sure it'll be good to take on vacation to Florida if we can manage to get the money together that we need to go. Fingers crossed that there are only minor things wrong that are inexpensive to fix. We're on a "self-imposed spending freeze", buying nothing but essentials in order to get everything paid ahead so we can leave for vacation on February 7th.

Hope you're watching the news today - regardless of your personal opinions, history is certainly being made today!!!


Jessica Veeneman said...

I know what you mean about having extra time in the mornings. I love the fact that I have about an hour to take care of myself between getting home from work and waking up the kids, plus I wake them up about an hour before the bus comes. The few times I woke up late or had the nights off everything was so rushed and hectic we all had bad days...better to plan ahead and enjoy the mornings! Good luck on planning your trip to Florida. I hope everything works out so you can go...I'm sure its a much anticipated trip...tell Beth I said hi...

Gail said...

Hey, do you know when you'll be driving through Cincy? I will be out of town the 11th - 16th, so I hope I don't miss you guys!