Monday, August 17, 2009

Water Fun

I SO desperately wish I had taken pictures of this yesterday, but I was in the middle of cleaning, so I didn't. I will warn you, however, that this story is so much funnier with a mental picture, but I still wanted to record it so I don't forget it!!

Yesterday was H-O-T and humid in Michigan. Almost 90 degrees, even on the lakeshore!! There was a decent breeze that made it bearable, but it was still crazy hot. I was trying to clean house, so I sent the boys out to water the vegetable garden before lunch. When they were done, they asked if they could play with the hose, and that was fine - I thought they'd enjoy the FREEZING COLD well water that we have out here, lol. I sent them out to the middle of the yard so they didn't get the laundry on the line wet, and told them to have at it.

Famous last words, LOL!

I was going about my cleaning when I heard crying coming from the backyard. I walk over to the sliders and Logan is standing on the patio, covered in mud....... Apparently, the boys decided to make a waterslide. Great idea, except we don't have grass in the backyard - just weeds and dirt. they didn't see that the waterslide was creating a mud hole at the bottom of the slide.

Logan went down the slide, and fell... right into the mud hole, LOL! Now, it was hot, so the kids were chilling in their underwear. I didn't really care because they were in the backyard and we don't have neighbors, lol. It definitely made it funnier to see Logan in his Scooby Doo underwear with his butt COMPLETELY covered in mud, lol. I so wish I had taken a picture before I hosed him off!

They had a blast - and that's the important thing. But, the look on Logan's face when he turned around to show me his muddy butt was absolutely priceless!!!!


Carielle said...

The pics from that would most definitely have been priceless! :)

Mandy said...

how fun! I think I would have joined them! Next time, GET PICTURES!!

Susan said...

Ha, ha! Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment! I can just picture it!