Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy week on tap!!

Looks like August is starting out with a bang! This week alone, is already filling up on the calendar! If the weather holds, we might be going to a pig roast today with Rick's mom. It's supposed to be a lot of fun and Josh and Logan are looking forward to it. Then tomorrow, we've been invited to Mona Lake, so hopefully Rick can get someone to cover the store. He's been working 7 days a week lately and it's not an easy thing to adjust to, especially in the summer!!

On Monday, we're getting our swing set - I haven't told the kids yet, but they'll be stoked when it gets dropped off in the backyard! It will be SO NICE for them to have something to do outside, other than look for bugs (yes, I have a couple of future entomologists living under my roof!!). Josh and Logan know that we're getting a swing set, but they don't know it's coming Monday. Plus, I can send out invites to Joshua's birthday party now that we'll have it! We were going to rent the pavilion at the park down the road, but we decided to save ourselves the money if we could get the swing set in time.

Tuesday is my brother's birthday. I think maybe we'll take him to Craigs Cruisers or something like that. He'll be leaving for grad school soon, and I'm gonna miss having him around! He's been staying with us during the weeks this summer and it's been nice to have someone to play tennis and volleyball with.

Oh boy... on Thursday, one of my good friends is having her bachelorette party. I haven't gone shopping for that one yet, but I'm looking forward to it! I'm going to meet up with them later in the evening for some bar hopping in Grand Haven. I love bachelorette parties, so that will be loads of fun :)

And she gets married on Saturday! I need to find someone to watch my kids for me that day and night. Rick is HOPEFULLY going to be able to get someone to cover the store so he can escort me to the wedding, but otherwise, here's hoping he can make the reception. I love going to weddings and receptions because it is literally the ONLY time and place my husband will dance with me in public, LOL. Plus, it's an excuse to dress up and wear make-up, so I'm all about that!

Oh yeah, I still have to shop for a wedding gift too... I'm such a procrastinator!!!

More stuff coming up next week, plus my nephew turns 3 and Joshua turns 7 this month!! I can't believe how fast time flies...

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