Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cancer Cancer Cancer - my brain is full of "Cancer"

After being so very frustrated, stressed out, slightly angry (blame that one on PMS hormones), etc, last night, I decided to take half an hour out of my day to be pro-active regarding the Relay For Life. I mentioned how frustrated I was at stupid Coopersville not being an active part of our Relay event. Ok, my BRAIN knows that with Coopersville's Summerfest being the first part of August, Relay for Life gets overlooked because of all the the Chamber of Commerce has to do to make that event successful. But, my HEART says that's a stupid cop-out. It wouldn't take hardly any extra effort for the Chamber to, at the very least, help us spread the word that Coopersville is a "part" of this event.

So, I decided to take some steps to maybe make that happen. I first of all (while checking to see if Coopersville offered any kind of a yoga class - I feel the need to center myself lately) went to the Coopersville website and checked out the Chamber of Commerce's website. Lo and behold, there was an email address listed. I clicked it and composed an email, something to the effect of:
I am the Team Captain of Team Joshua for the ACS Relay for Life of Allendale/Coopersville - we relay because my 5 year old son is a 4 year survivor of brain cancer. I'm wondering what the Chamber can do to help me spread the word about the event. I know you've been approached by ACS before, and because of Summerfest, the Relay gets missed but I want to change that. Yada Yada Yada (you get the idea, I'm sure).

We'll see what, if anything, comes of that.

On a roll, I decided to contact the Coopersville Observer, a local newspaper (couldja tell from the title, LOL). I asked them what I had to do to get an article about Relay written up. Last year when I contacted them, they asked for my story and a picture of Joshua and they wanted to put it in the paper, but I never saw it. Not that there aren't a million and a half other people who want there stuff in the paper too, but come on! I see little write-ups about Memorial Events ALL THE TIME in there, so dammit, they can do one about the event that means so much to my family!!!!! **Sorry, not trying to rant - I get very caught up in it, can you tell??**

On a side note, anyone know how to contact the Advanced newspaper about getting something written up about the event?

And THEN, I decided, "Hey, while I'm at it, why not contact Take 5 Grand Rapids?" They're small enough that they might actually care about something like this!!! I was on that show once, ironically, when Joshua was in the hospital getting a chemo treatment. I was in a bridal fashion show and made it to tv... it was a lot of fun - Catherine was really nice. And besides, I used to listen to Stephanie ALL THE TIME when she was on S&M in the Morning on GRD!! I feel like there's a connection there, lol. Regardless.... I left an "idea for a future show" (I did that last year too - nothing came of it), and then thought, "screw it! I'm going to email them both directly asking them to send someone to the event. There's PLENTY of time to make it actually happen." So I did. I'm awaiting a response.

So, maybe something good will come of that. Hell, maybe they'll even have me on as a guest (wishful thinking, yes, and I'm NOT counting in it) and I can TALK about our event - those of you that know me know how very passionate about things I can get, I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. But, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Everyone knows someone who fought cancer, and if you know me, you know Josh, so if you're reading this, you're one of the everyone! What I am trying to say - oh so unclearly, I know - is that there is no excuse to pretend cancer doesn't effect everyone's life somehow. And, when we find a cure, think of all the families who will be spared the walk we had to take... and trust me, I would NEVER wish that walk on anyone. Not even people who REALLY make me mad, or cut me off in traffic, or are stupid that you want to smack them upside the head, or even the people who are toxic and do horrible things to other people just because they can. I might hate them with a passion, but I still wouldn't wish cancer on them.

Well, at least I'm doing my best to be pro-active. Someday (eventually) not all my blogs will be centered around cancer, or the Relay for Life, or stupid Coopersville, but until that glorious day, I guess you'll just have to deal :) But as a warning, they will all, in one way or another, most likely have to do with my kids - but if you know me, you wouldn't expect anything less!!

UPDATE!! I received one of those "Automated Responses" from both gals at Take 5! At least I know the emails went through!! And I heard back from the Coops Chamber of Commerce and apparently she had been in contact with the old ACS contact, Jonathan, and told him that she needed someone from the community to spearhead the event... I asked her if I could pass the info on to Eric, so we'll see what happens.

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