Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Friday!

Thunderstorms and rain abound, but Friday is almost here! And, it's my last Friday at work for the summer!! Yay for 4 day weekends!! My boss is great - I love my job.

Let's see... how about we do a "Week Wrap-Up" in honor of Friday:
Monday - lot's of Memorial Day fun and furniture re-arranging

Tuesday - Rick works mega late - the boys and I have a fun "outside, sandbox, bike ride to the playground sort of day"

Wednesday - Rick heads to Detroit for male bonding with his brother. Boys make Amanda CRAZY (I really need a vacation...). Rick spends massive amounts of money at Art Van (more to come on that later). Logan refuses sleep, Rick gets home WAAAAAAAAAAAY LATE (or I guess you could say waaaay early depending on what day you're talking about).

Thursday - Amanda is a walking zombie (literally - I changed into my pajamas as soon as I got home from work). Rick and Josh have a "Big Boy Day" at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Fast food provides dinner for each half of the family - McDs for one, BK for the other. Furniture install day. Rick bought a new stand for the tv and all the tech stuff so I could have my coffee table back and we got bunk beds for the boys. Those deserve their own post, which I will probably do later. We were up until midnight and my house is a complete disaster. Which is effecting my stress levels, as I don't do well when things are out of place (and OMG are they out of place right now..........................). It's going to take me all weekend to get everything arranged and put back together again. Oh joy of household joys.

Friday - It's a rainy, stormy kind of day. We have a baaaaaad morning - including sleeping until 8:30am (Joshua leaves for school at 8:15am...). I get on the way to work over 15 minutes late and it's raining, so it's slow going already. And then Fate can't make up her mind whether it'll be a good day or a bad day. I'm running late to work, but on the way in, I win concert tickets to see Cake next week (one of my favorite bands)!!!!! And then I realize I don't have an umbrella, and it's POURING, but then I remember I have an extra in the back of the van!!!!! I make it to work only 1 minute late (I was planning on at least 10-15 minutes late), but then as I'm getting out of the van, I put my coffee mug on top of the roof so I can grab my bag, and the cup tips over, sending coffee cascading down the side of the van, and barely missing covering me. At least it's raining and it'll wash off...

We have plans for the weekend - a soccer game tomorrow, and I have to go to church to get some annuals planted. We have plans Saturday night too, but I'll tell you about those later. Sunday we have church and then a friend invited us over to cook out if we don't have other plans. Next week I start working only Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 8am until 4pm for the summer! The getting up early won't be nice, but the 4 day weekends sure will be!! It's going to take some adjusting, but I think it's going to work out well.

I'll update with the bunkbed saga later..........

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