Monday, July 21, 2008

been awhile...

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! That doesn't usually happen, but life gets in the way sometimes.

We've finally got everything back to normal after the Relay for Life. I even had the team over Saturday night for a cookout to talk about this year's Relay and start brainstorming for next years. We talked about what worked and didn't work this year, which was good, and we've some idea's cooking for 2009.

We had a fairly low key weekend - VBS in the morning, and then went out to the "Big Lake" (Lake Michigan) with Lois and the kids on Friday, got some much-needed cleaning done on Saturday, and then yesterday was church (the VBS kids were singing the songs they learned for the congregation, so Joshua and I had to be there), and then off to help a friend with some yardwork that she has a hard time keeping up on.

One neat thing - I was finally able to find an outdoor clothes drying rack (THANK YOU, Menards) for my yard, so all the towels I had in the laundry this weekend were able to be hung out to dry. I love the smell of line dried laundry, so I was pretty happy about that. I figure if I can avoid running the dryer and heating up my whole house (even just for towels, sheets, blankets, swimsuits, etc) just a few times, I'm ahead of the game!!

Pretty slow week coming up. I have Bible Study tonight, which I'm really looking forward to! Rick is going to be checking out a travel trailer that we might be buying. We've been looking for a while and know exactly what we want, so I'm hoping this is the one. Whether we get the trailer or not, we're planning to go camping this weekend. We'll either be comfy in the camper or tenting it on the ground, LOL. As long as Rick can get away from work, we're planning to head up to Pentwater to bond with nature :) I'm pretty excited about it - I'll be even happier if we have a camper to take, though!!

That's about it from this neck of the woods. Quiet is kind of nice since it feels like we've been running around in circles lately. I can tell I'm pretty close to exhausted because my breathing has been all messed up for about 5 days now?? That only happens when I'm getting close to "Too Much" but I'm hoping it goes away soon. It's getting incredibly annoying......

Have a blessed week, everyone! Oh, and congrats to Amber - you know why ;)

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