Sunday, July 13, 2008


Wow. I'm exhausted. Relay for Life was yesterday through this morning. It was SO hot during the day and then so humid last night and it RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED this morning. We ended up calling it a day at about 7:30am. My brother and I ended up helping some of the other teams clean up in the torrential downpour and got soaked to the bone. Thank you to Rick, who made an executive decision while I was sleeping to pack up camp when they saw the rain coming and move our headquarters to under the awning of the camper :)

We turned in about $1072.00 this morning. Not as much as last year, but that's ok. I'll update more later on - I'm exhausted. We all slept on and off during the day today but I'm ready to go snuggle with my hubby since we were both so busy doing different things yesterday we didn't really get to spend much time together even though we were both right there.

Thank you to my Team Members - this would have been impossible without you. Special thanks to my overnight crew - Rick, Jamie, Mike, Katelynn, Jenny and Jess. I love you guys.

Night!!! Have a blessed Sunday :)


joshua said...

huge wait off your shoulders, huh?

Amanda: said...

You betcha! I'm significantly less crazy now :)