Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tastefully Simple (and OH SO YUMMY!!)

I went to a Tastefully Simple party last night - I LOVE their stuff!! I spent $40 I didn't need to just because I wanted to, lol.

Something cool that I learned was that they do fundraising!!! So, it looks like Team Joshua is going to have another way to raise a little bit of moolah!! In the fall I'm going to enlist the help of my team members to do a TS for ACS fundraiser!! We can get a whole heap of catalogues to pass out, collect as many outside orders as we can, have the ability to email people so they can order right online and then have an actual moving buffet party. Combine all of that together and the consultant will cut us a check for 15% of the total! Not a bad deal for doing something fun! I don't think it'll make us "much", but anything is better than nothing! And there's not a whole lot of legwork for us, which is nice for an additional way to raise money for 2009!!

We'll see what happens with that. I'll keep everyone posted :)

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