Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting back to nature...

We were finally able to escape for a weekend to go camping. Well, we ended up going into Whitehall on Saturday so that Rick could work, but that wasn't supposed to happen.... Just goes to show how silly it is to try and control things - a lesson I'm really trying to learn.

On Friday, after running a million errands, I got everything packed up and went into Whitehall to grab Rick and the boys - my BIL was in town - that was kind of neat. That's saying a lot - my BIL and I clash sometimes, so to be happy to see him is a big step. The first place we tried to stay was booked, so we fell back on Plan B - Gilligan's Island at Hill and Hollow campground in Pentwater. It's not really a site, but we get to use it because Rick has connections. It's pretty much a dirt island with some trees RIGHT in between the playground, the camp store, and the pool/bathrooms!!! Prime location - even if it is a dirt island, LOL. Seriously, its surrounded on the three sides by the roads and you cross the roads to get to that stuff. It's great!! If we ever get a permanent site there, we're totally customizing Gilligan's Island and we'll park the camper there.

Logan is terrified of fire, we learned. It was pretty bad. He "adapted" (not well, but enough to stop screaming hysterically) by the end of the trip though. Poor kid would hightail it behind the tent if he could see or hear the fire... That's a little inconvenient since we were tenting it and using the fire for all of our "cooking", LOL.

We played putt-putt with the boys, got eaten alive by mosquitoes, went swimming in the pool, went to Lake Michigan, ate ice cream every day, Joshua spent HOURS at the playground - by himself - since it was so close that we could see him, ate way too much campfire food (hot dogs and brats), and really had a great time. Didn't take many pics though, it was kind of tough to be toting the camera around when we were so busy having fun.

I took Joshua fishing while Rick was working on Saturday. It was so nice to just hang out with him, We didn't get even a single bite, but it was still so much fun. I got a new fishing pole, and a fishing license so Josh and I can take off and fish whenever we want. What a neat way to bond with my son. I need a fishing hat, though - my poor part got burned pretty bad, lol. That's the only place I always forget to sunblock........

It was a good time. Had it's rough moments, but everything does. Way more good stuff than bad, so it was well worth it. Rick and I were chatting by the fire after the kids were asleep - we both decided we could do this every weekend in the summer...... We're lucky to live in Michigan where that's so possible!!

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