Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm drowning in a Sea of STUFF!!!

Yikes - due to the rain on Saturday everything that was outside ended up in our camper. It was pretty packed already - that much "other" stuff certainly didn't help... We finally got it all unloaded from the camper and brought into the house after the kids went to bed Sunday night. It has overtaken my living room and in all the way into the kitchen. Stuff. Boxes of stuff. Bags of stuff. Everyone's stuff. I'm drowning in it! I'm pretty sure everyone who was there has something in that pile. It's going to take me weeks to get it all sorted! Ok, maybe not weeks, but more time than I currently have right now!!

With me having to be to work at 7:45am and not getting home until after 5:00pm, I don't have the hours (or energy) left in the day to even get started on it........ I did manage to get most of the food put away. And all the wet laundry has been washed and dried. That's about as far as I've gotten.

I won't get to it tonight - I'm going to visit my friend Janae in the hospital and meet her new son, Caiden (CONGRATS, you guys!!!!!!!) tonight, and then I have to work again tomorrow, so I don't think I'll get to it then, either. But, I'm off on Thursday and Friday, so I'll have all that time to get it all sorted and put away. Hope no one needs any of their stuff before then!!!!!!! But, if I'm going to be home, I've got to get it taken care of because it's pretty stressful tripping over all of it!! I need to get some big storage bins and get it put away for next year!!!

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